Our Services

We have been the decision makers, influencers, and consultants. We know how they think, what resonates, and what doesn’t.

How We Help

 We help you articulate how your solution solves each buyer’s need, determine which sales channels produce the best results, and identify how to execute a successful strategy and build a commercial organization.

  • Analyze your competitive landscape
  • Solicit external market feedback
  • Obtain input from buyers on their priorities
  • Evaluate and confirm pricing
  • Determine how to access the buyers, influencers and decision makers
  • Evaluate and prioritize distribution channels
  • Perfect your Pitch Book and RFP, to include:
    • Value proposition to employer and employee
    • Proof points — ROI/Financial
    • Market differentiation
  • Tailor messaging, positioning and packaging for each sales channel/segment
  • Evaluate sales requirements: resources and structure
  • Make introductions to mid-funnel leads
  • Participate in select sales meetings

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