Yellow Brick Strategic Advisors

Driving Sustainable Growth and Commercial Success For Healthcare Companies

Our Value to You

We help you make what’s good even better, and get buy-in from key decision-makers and influencers.

“Outside-in” feedback to validate:

  • Opportunities, pain points and gaps
  • The competitive landscape and where you fit
  • Market priorities, including customer willingness to buy

Decision-makers have many influencers:

  • Understand your buyer’s business drivers, decision-making processes, priorities and challenges
  • Identify all the influencers, what they each need to know, and what they care about
  • Recognize the common pitfalls to avoid

Employers and consultants are constantly inundated with new solutions:

  • They think all pitches sound the same – even when there are real differences
  • You’ll need to stand out from the crowd to get through the gate
  • Your product capabilities are not your value proposition

It’s a journey — every step counts:

  • We open the right doors at the right time
  • We refine your pitch for each audience
  • We provide honest feedback and help you take the next best steps

Attainable Value

Our Broad Industry Perspective and Deep Relationships are Your Best Asset

Yellow Brick Strategic Advisors can provide an objective assessment of whether your company is on the right path to meet your commercial goals, and where you may need to course correct.

Our Team

Yellow Brick Strategic Advisors brings extensive industry experience to every client. We know how to drive growth and commercial success because we’ve held every seat at the table as buyers, sellers and consultants.

Mindy Fox

Mindy Fox

Paul Marcotullio
Paul Marcotullio

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